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Viral Internet News May Not Be Reliable

Written by News Channel 2 on September 30th, 2013. Posted in Homepage

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Did you know that, according to research-based company Gallup, Inc., 55% of Americans favor television newscasts over any other medium, and that, each night, television news broadcasts attract an average of 7-10 million viewers? Television, one of the most traditional media outlets, remains at large today. How are television newscasts keeping up, especially in a largely digital world?

Offering Dependability

According to Pew’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, 65% of young Americans, ages 18 to 29, depend on the web for news. What young generations may not realize, however, is that the immediacy and viral nature of internet news does not always coincide with reliability. Social media websites have perpetuated a number of fake headlines, some of the more notable ones predicting fake e

What is the Definition of BYOD for Your Business?

Written by News Channel 2 on September 30th, 2013. Posted in Bring in your own device, Bring your own device management, Byod solution

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Move over, BYOB. The newest four-letter acronym at the office is BYOD, short for “bring your own device.” As our technological culture advances, workers no longer need to work on office-network computers only. The proliferation of laptops and mobile devices like tablets and smartphones has made taking work home easier than ever before. The very definition of BYOD suggests working both in the office and at home, too.

However, this is where BYOD can prove to be problematic. If you are working with highly secure data on the company network, how can you ensure this data stays secure on the private device of a user who then brings it home with him or her? This is why a third of employees, according

Where Can You Get Cheap STD Testing Done?

Written by News Channel 2 on September 27th, 2013. Posted in Pediatric urgent care phoenix, Scottsdale urgent care, Walk in clinic phoenix

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In the United States alone there are 6,800 24 hour urgent care facilities, the vast majority of which are housed within freestanding buildings. Approximately 66 percent of urgent care centers have in their employ a mix of MDs, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. About 65 percent of all immediate care centers have at least one doctor on site at all times.

Every week, an estimated 3 million patients are treated at urgent care centers in the United States for conditions like upper respiratory illnesses, sprains, gastrointestinal problems such as food poisoning or the Noral virus, fractures, and even concussions. Though the historiccal purpose of centers for urgent c

Inheritance Advance Loans Through Probate Loan Funding Available from Sources Such as Private Real Estate Investors, Investment Groups, and Cash Advance Providers

Written by News Channel 2 on September 26th, 2013. Posted in Deceased owner, Inheritance advance loans, Probate loan

Selling real estate in probate

When a person passes away, it is a difficult time for all of those that knew them. The emotional difficulties are inevitable during this time, but other difficulties can sometimes also arise. In many cases, a deceased owner of real estate will divide up their possessions and property to their loved ones in a will. Other times though, a will does not exist, so the established laws of the state and the monitoring of a court appointed person determine how the assets will be divided. Some heirs to inherited real estate may contest the distribution of the assets, leading to a lengthy process that involves several court hearings. Those who are having probate problems such as

For Replacement iPhone Batteries, Broke Screen Repairs, or Water Damage Repairs, iPhone Owners Can Visit a Cell Phone Repair Shop in Tampa, FL

Written by News Channel 2 on September 24th, 2013. Posted in Cell phone repair, Cell phone repair tampa, Iphone parts

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When cell phones were first invented, they remained a luxury item that few people owned for quite some time. As the technology advanced and the benefits of cell phones began to be recognized by more and more people, cell phones became an increasingly ubiquitous item. Today, a cell phone is essentially seen as a necessity for people to have. And as advanced forms of cell phones continue to arise, phones with Internet access such as the iPhone are beginning to become a necessity. In Tampa, Florida, those who need iPhone repairs or iphone parts can find services such as replacement phone batteries and cracked screen repairs at a cell phone repair shop.

Since its launch by Apple in 2007, 85 millio

How to Make a Unique Wedding Reception

Written by News Channel 2 on September 23rd, 2013. Posted in Banquet hall, Reception venues, Weddings and receptions

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The wedding reception centerpiece. It can make or break your reception. The centerpiece that will sit atop of the tables of your guests can say a great deal about who you and your partner are, as well as directly contribute to the mood and ambiance of the event. A wedding is a ceremony too important to folly with a poor decorative choice.

Fret not, love birds! There are plenty of creative wedding reception centerpiece ideas for you to choose from. I can offer some wedding reception decor ideas for you, but I have no way of knowing what you or your lover is like, or what your tastes are. Ultimately, the decision is up to you, and should speak to your unique qualities somehow.

Good wedding reception centerpiece ideas compliment the wedding venues in which they will be housed. Once you have sifted th

Cosmetic Dentists Making Patients Smile

Written by News Channel 2 on September 23rd, 2013. Posted in Cosmetic family dentistry, Cosmetics dentistry, Porcelain veneers prices

Oral sedation

Most of us have heard the advice from dentist everywhere. Generally, we are told to brush our teeth at least once or twice each day, floss regularly and to visit our dentist office once every six months for a professional cleaning and check up. For procedures that are intended to improve the appearance of the teeth, there are various types of cosmetic dental work.

Dental implants, veneers, and non surgical periodontal therapy are some of the procedures that are done by cosmetic dentists in the United States. However, the most popular cosmetic dental

Offer Benefits Plan to Your Employees

Written by News Channel 2 on September 21st, 2013. Posted in Benefits employee, Benefits plan, Group health plans

Group benefit plans

The Canadian health system is often considered the best in the world. The system is delivered through a publicly funded system. This makes it mostly free, with most of the services provided by private entities. Additionally, about 30 percent of Canadian health spending come from private sources, including insurance and out of pocket payments. The health insurance system provides health benefits plans that cover surgery and services, including such things as psychotherapy. It also includes visits to clinics and doctors offices, as well as dental offices and laboratory tests.

The Canadian system of health benefits encourages early detection and preventative care. It also encourages citizens to have a yearly physical check up. These procedures can lead to a longer life, as well as a better quality of life.

Should You Feel Bad about Considering Plastic Surgery? Three Facts

Written by News Channel 2 on September 19th, 2013. Posted in Best plastic surgeon in tampa, Plastic surgery tampa bay, Rhinoplasty plastic surgery procedures

Plastic surgery in tampa fl

Did you know that over 14.5 million cosmetic procedures are performed every year? The majority of these procedures are minimally invasive measures such as lip augmentation surgery. Often, people experience insecurities about getting plastic surgery. Is it a sign of vanity? Will I regret it? Is it a waste of money? Studies show that the majority of people are happy with the results and process of their surgeries. Here are three common types of plastic surgery, as well as what you should consider.

Lip Augmentation Surgery

Did you know that the majority of patients who opt for lip augmentation are over the age of 40? For people, usually wome

Metric or English, We Need Some Simple Pieces of Hardware To Keep Our Lives Going

Written by News Channel 2 on September 19th, 2013. Posted in Cap nut, Desktop grommets, Nylon zip ties

Cable glands

If I told you that I needed you to pick up a couple of plastic cable glands from the store, would you be able to find them and recognize them? No offense, but most likely not. Little pieces of everyday hardware have a tendency to fly under the radar for most people. People do not recognize or understand the importance of the little things that help them to get by in life. For some potential examples of those little things, read on.

1. Metric Spacers

Unlike their American cousins using the English system, metric spacers are obviously designed to fit on bolts using the metric system. You see, when it comes to mechanics and engineering, Americans cannot make up their mind. A majority of what is manufactured uses the English system,