Should You Feel Bad about Considering Plastic Surgery? Three Facts

Written by News Channel 2 on September 19th, 2013. Posted in Best plastic surgeon in tampa, Plastic surgery tampa bay, Rhinoplasty plastic surgery procedures

Plastic surgery in tampa fl

Did you know that over 14.5 million cosmetic procedures are performed every year? The majority of these procedures are minimally invasive measures such as lip augmentation surgery. Often, people experience insecurities about getting plastic surgery. Is it a sign of vanity? Will I regret it? Is it a waste of money? Studies show that the majority of people are happy with the results and process of their surgeries. Here are three common types of plastic surgery, as well as what you should consider.

Lip Augmentation Surgery

Did you know that the majority of patients who opt for lip augmentation are over the age of 40? For people, usually wome