Metric or English, We Need Some Simple Pieces of Hardware To Keep Our Lives Going

Written by News Channel 2 on September 19, 2013. Posted in Cap nut, Desktop grommets, Nylon zip ties

Cable glands

If I told you that I needed you to pick up a couple of plastic cable glands from the store, would you be able to find them and recognize them? No offense, but most likely not. Little pieces of everyday hardware have a tendency to fly under the radar for most people. People do not recognize or understand the importance of the little things that help them to get by in life. For some potential examples of those little things, read on.

1. Metric Spacers

Unlike their American cousins using the English system, metric spacers are obviously designed to fit on bolts using the metric system. You see, when it comes to mechanics and engineering, Americans cannot make up their mind. A majority of what is manufactured uses the English system, but every now and then you will find yourself with a pair of bolts that need to be connected, but are in the metric system. Again, that is where metric spacers come in.

2. Metal Zip Ties

You may be familiar with the plastic brethren of this tool. They are the strip that you put one end into the other, ratcheting it closed. As it gets pulled tighter, it stays that way, and the only way to release it is by cutting the plastic. A modified version of this is used by police for handcuffs. The metal version is more durable, is reusable, and lasts longer.

3. Magnetic Catches

How would your cupboard doors stay closed if it were not for these? They are usually placed up where the outer corner of the door connects with the cupboard, and the magnet grasps onto the metal plate that is attached to the door. This keeps them closed securely, while still making it easy to open when the time comes.

4. Drawer Rollers

These are simply a metal track on either side of a drawer, filled will ball bearings, to make the opening and closing procedure smooth and effortless. We have all had to open a drawer that was just a box of wood sliding across another piece of wood. Never the easiest, particularly once the wood warps due to weather or age. But with those rollers, no matter what the drawers are made of, the process is as simple as a tug on the handle.

Never thought about those before, did you? It is simple to forget about them, to dismiss them without a single thought. Do not feel bad about it. Just look for the little things the next time you go to the office. It may open up a whole new avenue of appreciation. Find more on this topic here:

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