What is the Definition of BYOD for Your Business?

Written by News Channel 2 on September 30, 2013. Posted in Bring in your own device, Bring your own device management, Byod solution

Byod solution

Move over, BYOB. The newest four-letter acronym at the office is BYOD, short for “bring your own device.” As our technological culture advances, workers no longer need to work on office-network computers only. The proliferation of laptops and mobile devices like tablets and smartphones has made taking work home easier than ever before. The very definition of BYOD suggests working both in the office and at home, too.

However, this is where BYOD can prove to be problematic. If you are working with highly secure data on the company network, how can you ensure this data stays secure on the private device of a user who then brings it home with him or her? This is why a third of employees, according to statistics, say the data they work on for their company is not encrypted or secure at all.

Obviously, this is a problem. When the definition of BYOD suggests portability of sensitive data, how can you lock it down? Well, a good BYOD solution is hiring a third party to manage your secure data for you. This is called mobile device management and is essential for maintaining myriad aspects of a company, especially installed applications, passwords and other sensitive data. When it comes to Byod mobile security, you cannot be too careful.

How does mobile device management actually work? It all starts high up in the cloud. Since the definition of BYOD suggests making your work mobile, that very information must be accessible on the go. So, this data is managed by being stored in the cloud in a secure, scalable and convenient manner.

The best mobile media strategies can ensure that their BYOD users set up locks and passwords on their devices to protect their data. Additionally, because the definition of BYOD suggests rapid change, mobile security plans also enable remote locking and wiping of secure data in the event that the device becomes lost. Now that you know the definition of byod and how to combat security challenges, it is time to get fortify your business.

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