For Replacement iPhone Batteries, Broke Screen Repairs, or Water Damage Repairs, iPhone Owners Can Visit a Cell Phone Repair Shop in Tampa, FL

Written by News Channel 2 on September 24, 2013. Posted in Cell phone repair, Cell phone repair tampa, Iphone parts

Cell phone water damage

When cell phones were first invented, they remained a luxury item that few people owned for quite some time. As the technology advanced and the benefits of cell phones began to be recognized by more and more people, cell phones became an increasingly ubiquitous item. Today, a cell phone is essentially seen as a necessity for people to have. And as advanced forms of cell phones continue to arise, phones with Internet access such as the iPhone are beginning to become a necessity. In Tampa, Florida, those who need iPhone repairs or iphone parts can find services such as replacement phone batteries and cracked screen repairs at a cell phone repair shop.

Since its launch by Apple in 2007, 85 million iPhones have been sold in the United States. Studies have recently shown that of all smartphones, iPhones are the most vulnerable to being shattered or broken. The kitchen is where 21 percent of all iPhone accidents occur.

Water contact is one of the most common causes of damage to an iPhone, with 43 percent of all liquid spills to iPhones being water. Water damage has also occurred from 9 percent of iPhone users who have dropped their device in a toilet. To receive repairs for damage or for other repair needs or parts, iPhone owners can visit a cell phone repair shop in Tampa, Florida.

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    oh my gosh, I’m always so worried that I’m gonna drop my iphone in the toilet!

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