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Fort Storage in Virginia Beach VA

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Fort Storage

2744 Dam Neck Road

Virginia Beach, VA 23453


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Fort Storage offers a full range of services from self storage to much, much more! Fort Storage is the premier self storage facility in the area offering both traditional and climate-controlled storage units.

A Look at All on 4 Dental Implants

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There are some very interesting dental facts that you may not be aware of, but may find intriguing. In 1780, the first mass produced toothbrush was designed by an English prisoner. He drilled holes into a cattle bone, tied boar bristles in bunches, passed them through the holes and then glued them in place. Pretty inventive! The first nylon bristled tothbrush with a plastic handle was invented in 1938 and probably proved more sanitary than bones and boar bristles.

Toothpastes and tooth powders came into use during the 19th century; however, the early Greeks and Romans used crushed boned and shells as abrasive ingredients in tooth cleaning substances.

About 85% of people with persistent halitosis, or bad breath, have a d

How to Handle the Transition Into a Retirement Home

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Living in retirement

You’ve probably heard the phrase “continuing care,” probably to refer to some type of center that allows for seniors to live out their retirement days in a location that has all the services they need to ensure their ongoing health and safety. These continuing care retirement communities tend to be all-inclusive, and that means they offer both assisted living and independent living in addition to nursing care provided by the most skilled medical professionals in the field. But with all these terms, it’s hard to understand what, exactly, is meant by what.

A large part of settling into some kinds of adult retireme

Clothes Dryer Fires Endanger Apartment Tenants

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Buy grommets

Do apartment buildings pose increased risks of electrical and heating fires? The United States Fire Administration reports that 2,900 clothes dryers catch fire per year; the fires cause an average of five deaths and 100 injuries. Americans living in apartments and conjoined housing need to be particularly careful. Neglected hazards and accidents can burn down a particular apartment and endanger neighbors. Here are some of the most common apartment fire hazards:

Hazard #1: Residential Clothes Dryers

Most clothes dryer fires occur during fall and winter months, according to the USFA. The majority of units overheat due to infrequent cleaning; tenants’ clothing (inside dryers) and dust, lint, and fiber were the most likely items to catch fire.

Tenants can reduce the likelihood of fires by cleaning

Doyle Chevrolet Subaru in Webster NY

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Doyle Chevrolet Subaru

740 Ridge Road

Webster, NY 14580


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Doyle Chevrolet Subaru treats the needs of each individual customer with paramount concern. We know that you have high expectations, and as a car dealer we enjoy the challenge of meeting and exceeding those standards each and every time. Allow us to demonstrate our commitment to excellence!

Hospital Employees Surrounded by Hazards

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Nylon cable glands

Are hospitals putting their own staff in jeopardy? The National Safety Council (NSC) reports that hospital employees are 41% more likely to be out with work-related injuries and illnesses. Germs, disease, blood, harsh chemicals, gases and fumes, and damaged electrical equipment surround — and endanger — hospital workers every day.

Moreover, employee absenteeism costs U.S. companies a whopping $153 billion annually. Here’s what employers can do to keep hospital staff members healthy and prevent productivity and financial loss:

Enforce Regular and Proper Use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

All hospital staff — from doctors and nurses to secretarial and human resources staff — may come into contact with viruses, blood, bloodborne pathogens, cleaning and sanitizing chemicals, an

What Does ERISA Mean For You?

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Overpayment of private disability claim pa

Have you ever wondered what does ERISA mean? You see, ERISA is an acronym for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. It’s a federal law that establishes the minimum standards for pension plans in private industry. The ERISA act provides for extensive rules on the federal income tax effects of transactions that are associated with employee benefit plants.

The government enacted ERISA laws to protect the interests of employee benefit plan participants. So what does ERISA mean for the

Law Office Of Jason Reece in Charlotte NC

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Law Office Of Jason Reece

1018 East Blvd 28203

Charlotte, NC 28203

(704) 714-8888

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Jason H. Reece is a criminal defense attorney practicing in Charlotte/Mecklenburg County and has over 18 years of experience defending clients against DWI, Traffic Violations, Drug Charges, Larceny Charges, Assault Charges, Firearm Charges, and Domestic Violence.

Only practicing in Mecklenburg county has allowed him over the years, to develop a strong understanding of the nuances and rules of the local court system and gain an intimate knowledge of the judges, prosecutors and district attorneys, who his clients are up against.

Where to Find the Most Credible Online Information

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What are the most popular online activities? If you were to pose this question 100 random people at your local super market, chances are that 90 of your answers would include social media, online gaming, internet video, or email. However, among those four popular activities only two of them — email and sharing videos — would be included among the top ten.

While email is the second most common online activity, sharing online video barely cracks the top ten. Despite Americans’ seemingly insatiable appetite for social media, gaming, and videos, searching for info online remains the number one online activity among web users over aged 13 and up. Whether they seek their general information and random facts via online articles, blogger news, or corporate news websites, it usually does not take more than a minute or two for them to find their answers. In fact, most of them can find specific info online in a matter of secon

Bridgetown Dental in Portland OR

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Bridgetown Dental

8907 North Lombard St

Portland, OR 97203


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From teeth cleaning to cosmetic dentistry, Bridgetown Dental clinic offers a level of care that makes other local dentists blush. Bridgetown Dental continuously strives to be number one among all of the area’s dentists.