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Palestra Boutique Spa in Charlotte NC

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Palestra Boutique Spa

210 South Caswell Road

Charlotte, NC 28204


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Dedicated to bringing tranquility and well-being to our guests, Palestra Boutique Spa offers an array of beauty and wellness treatments in an elegant, restful environment.
Established in 1995 and still in its original location, we are located between the beautiful neighborhoods of Elizabeth and Myers Park, right in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina. We are just minutes away from uptown, Presbyterian Hospital, and SouthPark. A visit to our Charlotte Boutique Spa is a convenient escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.
Palestra’s European owners, Hanneke van der Molen and Sharon Thonissen are accredited by the international standards of CIDESCO. Our staff is trained in the finer European facial and massage techniques and specialized in many skin care and body work modalities. As a result, spa treatments are custom-tailored to address the particular concerns of each individual and to bring out their natural radiance.

Eroding the Fourth Wall

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Rochester channel 10 news

Channel 10 Rochester NY is helping to change the way Rochester citizens see their local news team. Thanks to social media and RSS feeds, the people who report the news are more accessible than ever before, allowing viewers to follow each reporter on Facebook or Twitter, for a much more personal take on the stories of the day.

Journalists used to have to remain distinctly apart from their subjects and stories, adhering to an impartiality that was clearly defined and rigorously maintained. This separation was thought necessary for accurate and unbiased reporting of important topics, and personal investment in a story was left to the opinion desk. But Channel 10 Rochester NY offers a different take on modern journalism.

With the advent of social media, viewers are finding that a more personal connecti

Alhoa, From Some of the Best Beaches in Hawaii

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Best beaches in oahu

Anyone who has ever been to Hawaii can tell you that it is home to some of the best, most scenic beaches in the world. Most visitors to Hawaii enjoy the water and what seem to be constant, uninterrupted sunny days. It is no wonder that some of the most popular, best hotels in Oahu are located in close proximity to some of the best beaches in Oahu.

Maps of hawaii reveal a good look at the ocean coastline, which is about 750 miles long. Perhaps two of the most popular islands to visit in Hawaii are Oahu and Maui. As with the best beaches in Oahu, some the best beaches in maui are located, c

Online Marketing Should be Used by Every Business

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Star of texas vet clinic austin

You know all of those stupid annoying advertisements you see all over the internet? Well, only about a quarter of internet users will ever choose them over a organic search result instead. With a little over 75% of users choosing organic results on the internet, it is extremely important for businesses to do everything they can to get their name to pop up on the top results pages of search engines.

Internet search has a return rate of $22 for every dollar put into it, and more often these days, a potential clients first impression of your business comes when he or she views your website. Using the internet for another method of marketing your business is not only just generating new leads, it is also a great way to create buzz among consumers as well as a way to see what your company can do be

How to Find the Best Companies for Cleaning Construction Sites

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Dry ice blast cleaning

Any time you drive by a construction site you will notice how cluttered and messy everything can be. Construction sites are full of activity, and regular cleaning is essential for avoiding injuries and accidents. Once a construction project is finished, clean up duties begin. However, many contractors are choosing to hire a professional company for construction site clean up. It is common for construction workers to throw aside leftover components used during all construction phases of a project. Professional companies experienced with construction site clean up will alleviate the workload on contractors and construction workers after a project is completed.

Finding the right construction site clean up services is a process that requir

3 Things To Consider When It Comes To Uniform Rental Service

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Environmental dry cleaning

A uniform rental service can provide many things, including peace of mind for any company or individual. Keeping them clean is also a vital service that is provided, as uniforms are a reflection of a company and how they express themselves. Here are some things to remember when it comes to uniforms and keeping your best clothes pressed.

Go green dry cleaners are popping up all over. Try using them! The US Environmental Protection Agency has found that clothes dry cleaned with perc can elevate levels of the toxin throughout a home and especially in the room where the garments are stored. Eco friendly dry cleaning, much like all other go green attempts, try to cut out harmful toxins that can end

Get Help For St Louis Office Moves

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Office moving st. louis

If you are a business owner and soon to be engaged in the act of moving your office, you can get help to do this daunting task by hiring a professional mover who has experiences with a St. Louis office move. Before the St. Louis office move begins, it is a good idea to show your employees a blueprint of the new office layout. If you have pictures of the new office space, that can be helpful too.

Something else you can do that will be helpful is to make use of the new cloud computing applications and storage systems. Move as many files as you can into the cloud. You will then be able to access your files from any location. A professional office moving company may also provide on site facility support and inventory management services. You will also get the benefit of using their storage facilities if

5 Ways to Keep Your Pug Healthy

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Pug health problems

Because of the companionship and loyalty that they provide, many dogs become a beloved member of the family that they belong to. Unfortunately, lots of dog health problems could arise that limit the amount of time that the dog and family can spend together. This could be particularly true for pugs. A pug can be really cute and great to cuddle with, but, unfortunately, pug health problems could shorten their life or cause unhappiness. However, there are several steps that owners can take in order to keep their beloved pup healthy.

1. Watch Weight

Lots of people think that a pug is supposed to be fat and fluffy, but that is not actually true. The reality is that pugs are muscular, solid dogs. By feeding it the proper foods, owners can make sure that a pug has the proper build, and avoid the Continue Reading | 6 Comments

Wondering How To Hire A Sales Rep?

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Find sales people

Wondering how to hire a sales rep? Hiring someone for sales jobs incredibly important as it takes a special kind of person to succeed at a job in sales. It is crucial to note that confidence and selling ability go hand in hand. Building confidence can be tricky, but having a good understanding of a product, competition, and the most effective sales techniques can help build that confidence and make an average sales rep into a star performer. Furthermore, If you’re planning on using any type of contact management software, then your sales team needs to have the necessary technical skills.

However, when it comes to hiring sales people you want to make sure hire someone who can successfully sell, otherwise your company will undo

Art Logo Design Information

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Website design ideas nj

Having a good logo is definitely a huge positive for a business. It shows professionalism and can actually be a factor for why a consumer chooses a particular company over another. Making great logo designs is not easy however, as it usually takes a professional logo designer.

Visual content is crucial to the brand of a company, because social media sites like instagram and pinterest are so popular. The more a company can market itself and become more visible, the more likely it is to be able to attract customers. Furthermore, 57 percent of businesses have acquired customers through their company blogs. The social media aspect of internet ma