5 Ways to Keep Your Pug Healthy

Written by News Channel 2 on July 10th, 2013. Posted in Dog health problems, Pug health, Pug health problems

Pug health problems

Because of the companionship and loyalty that they provide, many dogs become a beloved member of the family that they belong to. Unfortunately, lots of dog health problems could arise that limit the amount of time that the dog and family can spend together. This could be particularly true for pugs. A pug can be really cute and great to cuddle with, but, unfortunately, pug health problems could shorten their life or cause unhappiness. However, there are several steps that owners can take in order to keep their beloved pup healthy.

1. Watch Weight

Lots of people think that a pug is supposed to be fat and fluffy, but that is not actually true. The reality is that pugs are muscular, solid dogs. By feeding it the proper foods, owners can make sure that a pug has the proper build, and avoid the Continue Reading | 6 Comments