You Wont Believe These New York City Laws Exist – Blogging Information

Written by News Channel 2 on June 9, 2022. Posted in Home

his is why we need lawyers to guide us through these treacherous waters. Though many laws make sense, they have also been increasing over time. Every state has probably hundreds of laws. Many of which are not even known to that exist. They could have been around for many decades, and yet, they may have been deemed obsolete. In this video, we will discuss the most unusual and outdated law that is found in New York City.

You shouldn’t be carrying the ice cream cone in your purse. This one has to have a story. The majority of these laws make you wonder why they exist at all in the first place. A third law prohibits performances of puppets cannot take place through windows. Honestly, who knows why in the present. The public is not allowed to converse in elevators. They can be fined for engaging in flirting. You may be able to be fined for both using an elevator to talk and being flirting in the elevator at the same time. These laws, which are often outdated and unorthodox, aren’t enforced by police. In fact, many of them may not even have any idea that laws exist.


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