Individuals Who Get 8 Hours of Sleep Each Night, yet Wake up Feeling Groggy, Could Possibly Be Suffering from This Common Disorder

Written by News Channel 2 on November 17, 2013. Posted in Dental device for sleep apnea, Sleep apnea signs, Sleep apnea sleep apnea

Treating sleep apnea

For individuals who suffer with breathing complications while sleeping, it’s quite possible they suffer from a disorder known as sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is the most common category for individuals who experience sleep-disordered breathing. An individual who suffers from sleep apnea is rarely aware of having difficulty breathing during their sleep, even upon awakening. However, if you wake up feeling like you haven’t slept at all, or find yourself waking up multiple times at night during your sleep, it’s you probably suffer from the sleeping disorder. This is due to sleep apnea allowing you to spend more time in light sleep, and less time in the deep, restorative phase of sleep.

OSA may be a complicated disorder, however curing sleep apnea is completely obtainable through a variety of treatments for sleep apnea. One of the most popular treatments for sleep apnea is a continuous positive airway pressure device (CPAP). CPAP is a sleep apnea appliance CPAP that looks like a mask, fitting over the nose and/or mouth, and gently blows air into the airway to help keep it open during sleep. Alternatives to CPAP for curing OSA exist, such as dental devices for sleep apnea. Oral appliances for sleep apnea, such as dental devices offer an alternative to individuals who find little success with a CPAP device, or find it difficult to sleep comfortably while wearing a CPAP device. Dental devices are a small plastic device that fits in the mouth during sleep, just like a sports mouth guard or orthodontic retainer. Dental devices prevent the tongue from collapsing and relax the soft tissues in the back of the throat, keeping the airway open during sleep, and promoting adequate air intake.

Cures for sleep apnea
, like the treatments previously mentioned, are quite affordable and easy to obtain. If you haven’t been sleeping well lately, and feel you may suffer from sleep apnea, speak to you doctor or a sleeping specialist to be examined for the sleeping disorder. Most doctors and sleep specialists will be able to diagnose disorders such as sleep apnea by running some tests while you sleep, they will then recommend the best sleep apnea treatments for you so that you can finally start to get a good night of rest on a continuous basis. Get more on this here.

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