Four Helpful Tips for Creating Google-Friendly SEO Content

Written by News Channel 2 on December 27, 2013. Posted in Basic seo techniques, Best seo techniques, Seo techniques

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Google owns roughly two-thirds of the massive and ever-evolving search engine market, and with more and more consumers making online shopping their top choice, finding ways to earn high rankings on Google is wise for every business looking to attract new customers and expand. When it comes to Google searches, the top position receives 18% of organic clicks, while the second and third receive 10 and seven percent, respectively. Recent updates to Google’s algorithms, like Penguin and Hummingbird, however, have changed what it takes to earn those rankings. Today, businesses hoping to increase visibility will have to use the proper SEO techniques to produce great content that Google will not only see, but rank highly.

Write for Your Audience

This might seem like one of the most fundamental and basic SEO techniques, but the audience for SEO writers in the past has, in essence, been the algorithm. As a result, countless blogs and articles have been produced that are packed full of keywords but don’t offer any real value. Today, being sure to provide something useful to readers is a vital process for site developers looking to improve rankings.

Create Punchy Headlines

It doesn’t take long for web users to decide if a link they click on has any value, and without a creative headline, they might not want to click at all. While you do have to be careful so that the title represents what your blog or article is actually about, being creative is a must. It will help you stand out on search results pages and earn more traffic.

Use Images

In the same way that a great title will help quickly engage readers, so too will a unique image. People are visual learners and tend to remember images better than bulky text paragraphs. Plus, pictures are for more likely to go viral than standard content. As a result, the creative use of images is one of the most valuable advanced SEO techniques.

Give Proper Credit

Of course, if you get information from another site, magazine, or news outlet, you should source them, but giving credit also means making sure your own site is linked in your content. Programs like WordPress and Blogger are great places to publish content, but without a good link to your site, readers might never make the connection. This is one of the best SEO techniques for writers who want to turn their content creation program into a useful SEO tool.

Regardless of how many of the latest SEO techniques you use to build a strong website, having outstanding content is always a must. But no matter how good of a writer you may be, utilizing the right SEO tips and ideas is a must if you want to rank well on Google and draw more attention to your business. For more information see this.

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