Four Helpful Tips for Creating Google-Friendly SEO Content

Written by News Channel 2 on December 27th, 2013. Posted in Basic seo techniques, Best seo techniques, Seo techniques

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Google owns roughly two-thirds of the massive and ever-evolving search engine market, and with more and more consumers making online shopping their top choice, finding ways to earn high rankings on Google is wise for every business looking to attract new customers and expand. When it comes to Google searches, the top position receives 18% of organic clicks, while the second and third receive 10 and seven percent, respectively. Recent updates to Google’s algorithms, like Penguin and Hummingbird, however, have changed what it takes to earn those rankings. Today, businesses hoping to increase visibility will have to use the proper SEO techniques to produce great content that Google will not only see, but rank highly.

Write for Your Audience

This might seem like one of the most fundamental and ba