Discover the Top Benefits of Home Water Filtration

Written by News Channel 2 on December 31, 2013. Posted in Bottleless countertop water dispenser, Clean drinking water facts, Heated toilet seat cover

Countertop water filtration system

Have you ever tasted water that has been through a countertop water filtration system? If you haven’t, you may not know what you’re missing. Water filters are designed to cleanse and purify water in a way that most public water treatment plants cannot match. If that sounds, weird, remember that the majority of laws governing how public water should be cleaned and treated are well over 30 years old.

A countertop water filtration system could provide several benefits to you and your family, especially if like most other American households, you use an average of 69.3 gallons of tap water a day.

  • A More Refreshing Taste – A countertop water dispenser could give you a hint as to what water is actually supposed to taste like. Sadly, most people who have grown up solely on tap water or certain brands of bottled water have no clue just how crisp and clear pure drinking water is supposed to be. Installing a home filter system could easily give you a chance to enjoy truly great-tasting water.
  • Far Fewer Harmful Substances – The majority of public tap water is filled with volatile organic compounds. These compounds can not only impact the taste, but your health as well. Some of these have been linked to cancer studies. If you want to preserve your health (and that of your family) for as long as possible, consider the health benefits that totally pure water can provide.
  • Almost No Inconvenience – If a countertop water filtration system required you to stay in a hotel for a long weekend and renovate the majority if your kitchen, you’d probably agree that it wasn’t worth it. However, these systems can easily be installed over the course of a few hours. Once they are in, that’s it! You won’t have to lug around massive water jugs, or pay for expensive monthly check ups.

Perhaps the best thing of all is that these benefits are are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Once you start drinking and cooking with purified water, you may have a very difficult time going back. The good news is that this could be one addiction that will be nothing but good for your health.

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