Clothes Dryer Fires Endanger Apartment Tenants

Written by News Channel 2 on January 17th, 2014. Posted in Cap nuts, Pvc plug, Sliding locks

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Do apartment buildings pose increased risks of electrical and heating fires? The United States Fire Administration reports that 2,900 clothes dryers catch fire per year; the fires cause an average of five deaths and 100 injuries. Americans living in apartments and conjoined housing need to be particularly careful. Neglected hazards and accidents can burn down a particular apartment and endanger neighbors. Here are some of the most common apartment fire hazards:

Hazard #1: Residential Clothes Dryers

Most clothes dryer fires occur during fall and winter months, according to the USFA. The majority of units overheat due to infrequent cleaning; tenants’ clothing (inside dryers) and dust, lint, and fiber were the most likely items to catch fire.

Tenants can reduce the likelihood of fires by cleaning