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Written by News Channel 2 on August 13, 2013. Posted in Pay per click management, Seo companies, Seo consultants atlanta

Online search engine optimization

When it comes to search engines, and Google in particular, the top ranked links get the most clicks. On Google, 18 percent of organic clicks are for the highest ranked site, while the second and third highest receive 10 and seven percent, respectively. This means that, in order to thrive and expand in the massive digital marketplace of today, businesses will need to establish a strong online search engine optimization program. While some are fortunate enough to have the employees and resources needed to do all of that work in house, others will find that partnering with search engine optimization experts is the best way to get the high quality work they need to earn better rankings.

Flexibility is vital for businesses who are trying to find the best SEO companies to work with. Some SEO consultants might have lots of experience targeting consumers and help businesses increase consumer sales, but B2B sales are also important. In fact, 57 percent of B2B marketers say that the biggest impact on their B2B lead generation comes from SEO. So any company who wants to get the most out of their partnership with search engine optimization experts should make sure that they are able to focus their efforts in more than one area.

Though SEO is powerful all on its own, a great PPC campaign works well as a supplement. Pay Per Click advertising allows businesses to only pay for the ad space that they purchase when a web user clicks on the link. The combination of a strong PPC program with better search engine rankings can give a business the visibility it needs to grow. The best marketing experts will understand how to execute both campaigns simultaneously and have them work together.

The fact that revenues from AdWords have grown more than 41,000 percent since 2001 represents the growth and overall importance of the digital marketplace to businesses today. Without a strong web presence, many will fail to attract new customers and, eventually, fall apart. Though some are hesitant to outsource, the reality is that working with search engine optimization experts and other professionals can be quite beneficial. Only 11 percent of companies who do SEO in house reported being highly satisfied with program performance, which is significantly less than the 21 percent who outsourced. So taking advantage of every available resource is a must for any company looking build a larger customer base and grow. Read more blogs like this.

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