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Written by News Channel 2 on April 25, 2022. Posted in Home

The video shows how to become a Benihana chef using the cooking technique of teppanyaki. The film features an investigative journalist interested to learn more, as well as a cook who understands how to prepare delicious meals with this technique.

Benihana is a classic Japanese hibachi restaurant , whose signature recipe is known as teppanyaki. Our reporter is instructed by Chefs on how to employ the equipment and tools used to prepare dishes. There are various methods to hold and flip that an aspiring benihana chef will need to master. In addition, he says that benihana requires only three components: sesame seeds salt and pepper.

The couple creates a selection of meal starch and meat dishes , and the chef shows a step-by-step process to the reporter of how to slice, season and cook these dishes. This video is intended to encourage those who are new to Teppanyaki cooking to practice their skills before they can become experts. Also, it hopes viewers enjoy the flavor the cooking technique teaches them. cv5dn63b4u.

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