Scammers Get Outsmarted and Pranked – Spokane Events

Written by News Channel 2 on May 11, 2022. Posted in Home

are the modern-day humans. He was a former NASA engineer, and continues to impress the world by his amazing feats in engineering. He holds the record of biggest ever explosion of toothpaste by elephants. Also, he has created packages that prank porch thieves. He has wowed the world this time around with the most recent of his videos. The duo pranked one of the biggest fraudulent centers. They were able to save many from being swindled out of thousands of dollars. One of the scam centers was even raided by the local police. If scammers aren’t willing being sent to jail immediately, they may have get in touch with a professional bondsman. You’ll want to view this awesome video to see for yourself.

The film begins with a brief background information on scam centers as well as the way they work. They target mostly old individuals, earning them billions of dollars each year. These organizations are complicated and have plenty of training. Yet, their security cameras were surprisingly easy to break into. Rober discovered weak points to exploit. The video culminates in some insiders putting on pranks at the center of fraud. The pranks consist of a foul-smelling water bottle, a bag of roaches and hand soap color.


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