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Written by News Channel 2 on April 15, 2022. Posted in Home

The real issues you face in your summer home that may affect you for years to come.

You may find there are specific regulations for docks in your neighborhood and get charged for breaking them. This particular step in all the tips for homeowners in summer, is essential because it might be costly or adversely impact your financial results. How? What?

In addition it is possible that the repairs or maintenance you are doing may also violate some rules! Some zones limit how far boats can travel into lake. This means that you may need to reduce the length of your dock or not add too much to its length. This is important as they will give you more enjoyment and minimize your potential legal troubles at the same time.

9. Engage with Your Neighbors

The final item on our list of summer homeowner’s tips is to speak to your neighbors about your proposed dock as well as any measures you’d like to take prior to implementing them. It is not a legal obligation to engage in this discussion and could probably just put your dock out without speaking to your neighbors. But there are reasons you ought to.

This helps build good relationships with neighbors which help you to communicate and remain in touch. If you express concern for the opinions of your neighbors and they will show their appreciation in the near future. Perhaps, for instance, they will share with you any modifications to the dock or improvements they’re planning on making to their summer home.

It may also assist you should you encounter legal troubles after having installed your dock. The evidence you have to show that your conversations to them were beneficial in showing that you told the dock owners of your changes.

This list of 10 easy summer home maintenance tips to assist you to keep your dock beautiful year-round. These steps will be helpful in preparing your boat for your use.


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