Minecraft Mod Takes a Whole New Perspective on Portable Storage – Spokane Events

Written by News Channel 2 on May 18, 2022. Posted in Home

Then you can carry around your objects. You may even create your own chest minecart in order to ship the items you have purchased far away. If you’re good at redstone, you could make an item elevator to shift items easily horizontally. These are fantastic ideas. Minecraft mods give you even more possibilities. In order to begin you’ll need to choose on of the excellent Minecraft hosting services including Bisect Hosting. Mods that add the ability to store items in virtual storage. Mods can also add containers for liquids like tanks. A mod, however, used an innovative approach to portable storage.

The mod that is in question is known as the Living Chest mod. It is for forge 1.16.5 with plans to update to 1.18 at some point in the future. In the first few seconds of the video , you will tell that there has been much attention paid to details that have been put into this modification. If you grab one of the bones and then place the eye of ender horizontally across the table in which you craft, it will create a eye staff. The staff can be used to summon the live chest. Right click to the living chest. It can then be taken away or placed. You can also follow the chest around as if you were walking a dog.


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