How to Make a PVC Capsule!

Written by News Channel 2 on September 17, 2013. Posted in Adjustable feet, Colored zip ties, Rubber grommets

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Industrial supplies each have a specific use for which they’re intended for. An electrical conduit, which is tubing used for electric wiring, is used to accurately and safely transfer energy through wiring, while nylon nuts are often used for pieces of machinery that are frequently taken apart because they’re durable enough to screw and unscrew regularly.

But why not use some of these for fun craft projects? Sure, you can use grommets, which are rings inserted through tin material to protect wiring, strings and inserts, much like the small grommets used in shoes for laces (that are called eyelets), or rubber grommets of the right size for accurate and effective installation, but what’s the fun in that?

Instead, here’s a fun project for some spare PVC plugs and piping you might happen to have laying around!

PVC Capsule.

You can make a capsule out of some spare PVC parts, which you can use to store survival goods, or as a time capsule, or even just to have a fun treasure hunt! All you need are a piece of PVC piping, a PVC slip cap, a PVC female adapter, PVC plugs. and some PVC cement.

Cut your PVC down to size, which is however long you want your capsule to be. Be sure to go slowly while cutting it, and to smooth down any burrs or rough edges with sandpaper. Then, put your slip cap and PVC plugs on to each end dry, to make sure they fit. It should be snug, which will show that it’s ready for cementing.

Then, you want to apply cement to the outside of one end and on the inside of your cap. While it’s wet, slide the cap onto the pipe, and give it a quarter turn, which spreads the cement out and then creates a nice little seal. For thirty seconds, hold the cap there while the cement dries. Repeat this step for the adapter, but don’t cement the plug, which needs to be able to open and close freely. Once glued together, give it about an hour to dry, and there you have it!

Capsules made with spare PVC parts, like PVC plugs and piping, are a great crafts project for the weekend. If you have any other ideas of crafts that you can use PVC plugs or piping for, be sure to leave them in the comments. If you try this out, tell us how it went! Did the PVC plugs work well? If you have any questions about the capsule, like which Pvc plugs to use, feel free to ask in the comments!

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