How to Make a PVC Capsule!

Written by News Channel 2 on September 17th, 2013. Posted in Adjustable feet, Colored zip ties, Rubber grommets

Colored zip ties

Industrial supplies each have a specific use for which they’re intended for. An electrical conduit, which is tubing used for electric wiring, is used to accurately and safely transfer energy through wiring, while nylon nuts are often used for pieces of machinery that are frequently taken apart because they’re durable enough to screw and unscrew regularly.

But why not use some of these for fun craft projects? Sure, you can use grommets, which are rings inserted through tin material to protect wiring, strings and inserts, much like the small grommets used in shoes for laces (that are called eyelets), or rubber grommets of the right size for accurate and effective installation, but what’s the fun in that?

Instead, here’s a fun project f