How Apartments for Elderly Parents Should Be Set Up Turning Your Basement Into an Apartment – Family Issues

Written by News Channel 2 on December 7, 2022. Posted in Home

They can cause discomfort for your elderly without explanation and raise your electric bills.
7. Improve the Stairway

Elderly adults with mobility issues and mobility issues, especially older, should be able to walk around in the most efficient way possible, without the necessity of stairs. If they do have the option of using stairs, consider upgrading and extend your staircase to allow ease of movement. Also, you can add a solid handrail to your staircase as well as improve the lighting. The CDC suggests that the railings be placed on both sides. Lighting is possible on both the ceiling as well as the flooring.

If the senior uses wheelchairs, you should consider the height of both to make sure the staircase can accommodate. To ensure people won’t be being able to get up the highest point of their feet, try to keep the stairs as narrow as you can. In addition, extend the staircase so that at least two people are able to be able to access the space if they are helping seniors. You can also have electrical lifts that increase your the comfort, convenience and security.

Last Thoughts

The ability of a senior to live in a comfortable, safe and suitable environment could contribute to their lives. There are many options available in assisted living, as well as housing for elderly parents. The elderly parents of your family may reside alongside them. If you are forced to choose between an upstairs or downstairs area, opt for the one downstairs.

Be sure to keep safety, lighting and access in mind before the construction and remodeling. Though it could seem difficult, a basement can be a living area for senior seniors. With proper remodeling, you could avoid having to separate from your parents.


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