Ever Wanted To Be A Cabinet Painter? Learn More About How To Paint Cabinets – Vacuum Storage

Written by News Channel 2 on April 18, 2022. Posted in Home

Abinets get a new appearance. These steps will allow the cabinet to be painted in the style of a professional cabinet painting. You can achieve gorgeous results. Steps include preparation, prime, and paint.

Before beginning the work You must locate every tool and material that you require. Next, assess your cabinets for gaps, cracks, or other imperfections which may require repair. Clean up the space by clearing your cabinet spaces. Get rid of the doors, drawers and shelves. You should designate each door in their respective location. This will make it easier if you keep your drawer and hinge handles in a safe place. Put them on the floor and make a work table for painting your drawers and doors. It is important to ensure you have sufficient ventilation. After cleaning all dirt and grime off surface, prime the boxes and cabinets. Be sure to reach the corners and sides. Once the primer is dry, smoothen the surface and then paint. Once the primer dries you are able to put the components back together and arrange the space to create your amazing new look.


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