Tips for Maintaining Drought Resistant Grass

Written by News Channel 2 on September 15th, 2013. Posted in Grass seed for shaded areas, Spring lawn, When to plant grass

Grass seed for shaded areas

Abraham Levitt who was the founder and builder of the industrial suburb called Levittown, once wrote, “No single feature of a suburban residential community contributes as much to the charm and beauty of the individual home and the locality as well kept lawns.” And yes, many people live in the suburbs and developments that feature these well manicured expanses of lawn.

However, did you know that these lawns can help the atmosphere? According to one recent study, fescue grass blends, such as Pearls Premium, when cut 3 inches high can produce 5,760 times more oxygen that carbon in 24 hours. So, your lawn with that drought resistant grass is actually producing a lot of oxygen.

And of course, you want to keep your drought resistant grass looking as good as possible. Spreading a small amount, about