Is Your Business Ready for the Rise of “i” Devices?

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By the end of 2013, according to ZD Net, 62% of all American businesses are expected to be utilizing a BYOD policy. Bring your own device policies have risen to prominence as a direct result of mass consumer utilization of smartphones. In the U.S. alone, 65 million people own and use a smartphone daily.

Making the decision to implement a BYOD policy is a smart one, but it’s not without its risks. As CMS Wire points out, companies can easily save $1300 per employee by requiring their employees cover the costs of hardware and at least a portion of monthly usage charges. However, opening up the floor to employee-owned devices also opens businesses up to a slew of security issues; data theft, identity theft, and considera

The Challenges of Mobile Device Management

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Byod education

Did you know there are around 1 billion smartphone users all over the world? It is true. In 2010 alone table sales were around 19.5 million units.

This is why more and more companies are hopping on the smartphone bandwagon and offering these types of phones to employees for business purposes.

This is where mobile device management becomes a big part of the process. Companies need a way to distribute phones to all of their employees.

The costs of offering iPhones to all of the employees at a company can be very costly, which is why so many companies are employing BYOD, or Bring your own device.

The BYOD model is also being used in schools, becaus