Owe IRS Money

Written by News Channel 2 on April 19th, 2013. Posted in Irs payment plans, Owe back taxes, Owe irs taxes

Owe back taxes

Americans began paying taxes to their own government after they won their independence and freedom from England in 1776. Before that, they were paying taxes to the UK. Taxes, required by all forms of government here in the United States, are to be paid each year. The government could not continue to exist if its citizens did not support it by paying for governmental services via the taxes collected each year. Most citizens agree that taxes are necessary so they pay them willingly. However, some Americans have trouble paying so they owe IRS back taxes. Certain consequences occur if you owe IRS money. Some of the consequences that can happen when you owe IRS money are dreaded more than others.

For instance, people who owe IRS money usually live in fear, waiting for a scary letter to come in the mail from the IRS that informs them of the fact that their bank account or wages are in danger of a tax levy. Garnishing wages is the something the IRS can do without even getting a court order. Taxpayers who are in serious debt should not put off doing something about it. You have a right to a hearing before the IRS takes action.

The best thing you can do if you owe IRS money is to go to get advice and representation from professional tax attorneys. Owing back taxes is not a state you want to be in for very long. You see, the IRS is determined to make certain that taxpayers pay their tax bill in a timely manner. If the tax payer does not voluntarily pay when they owe back taxes, the IRS has the power given to them in the Internal Revenue Code to take the money out of your bank account, or from your social security payments and even from insurance benefits, etc. Some people even have their homes and personal residences seized by the IRS.

According to the Cato Institute, every year over 1 million tax service professionals are busy at work, filing tax returns and filling out forms for clients. In fact, the IRS has billions of pages of tax forms and instructions they send out for the tax season. That is why people who owe IRS go to these professionals to get their tax returns done. Tax resolution services exist for people who owe back taxes to IRS.

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