How to Apply Gel Liner

Written by News Channel 2 on October 25th, 2013. Posted in Best lip gloss, Cream or powder blush, Eyebrow tint

Applying face makeup

Did you know that even the Ancient Egyptians had antiwrinkle creams that they made from the gum of frankincense, wax, fresh morniga oil and cyprus that they mixed with fermented plant juice? Nowadays, our premium cosmetics are a bit more appealing, but they do have to replaced after six months lest they start to resemble that strange concoction.

The key to our modern makeup is in the application process. For example, of the three basic varieties of foundation, which are liquid, cream and powder, you need powder foundation for oily skin and dry skin. So to help you get that professional makeup look through proper application, this is how to apply gel lin