Playing it Safe With Good Work Safety Equipment

Written by News Channel 2 on September 12th, 2013. Posted in 1st aid kits, High visibility jacket, Traffic safety supply

Metal detectable products

Suit up for a day on the job. You have your weather-worn jeans and steel-toed boots, so what are you missing? The items below will help ensure your work apparel and site are complete and ready for a solid day of laboring.

What could be more symbolic than a Bullard hard hat? Drive down any construction-ridden road and you will see plenty of workers in orange and yellow Bullard hard hats laboring away. They are strong, sturdy and reliable objects, much like the folks whose heads they protect.

When it comes to construction sites, Bullard hard hats are one of the most widely used pieces of work safety equipment available. In addition to a high visibility jacket and construction cones, these hard hats can be seen from q