Are You a Small Canadian Business Owner? Here are a Few Facts You Need to Know

Written by News Channel 2 on October 22, 2013. Posted in Benefits to employees, Employee benefit consultants, Employee group health insurance benefits

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Did you know that almost 100 percent of Canadians prefer the health care system in their country to the system currently in place in the United States. With all the issues and redundancies that are still in place in the United States, this probably does not come as any surprise. Did you also know that not all medical procedures are covered by Canadian medicare however? Although in most of Canada income taxes pay health care costs, there are some gaps between coverage and and the needs of those who are covered. Here are some of the ways that small businesses can cover the gap and take better care of their employees by checking out the Canadian Employees Benefits Smart Plan.

In spite of the fact that health insurance
in Canada typically covers surgery and services, including psychotherapy, in clinics and doctors’ offices as well as dental surgery at dental offices and laboratory tests, many people in the country seek out additional insurance to bridge the gap. As many as 72 percent of small business owners are concerned about the cost per employee of health care plans and 60 percent of Canadian employers worry about the quality of the health plan for their employees. Though there is government and income tax funded healthcare in Canada, it does not cover everything so quite a lot of people seek out additional coverage. If you are a small business owner in Canada, then you might want to look into hiring employee benefit consultants to help you find the types of employee benefits that are best for your company and your employees.

The Canada Health Act, which is also referred to as the CHA, is a piece of Canadian federal legislation which was adopted in 1984. This act specified the conditions and criteria with which the provincial and territorial health insurance programs must conform in order to receive federal transfer payments under the Canada Health Transfer. One of the more recent developments with this particular piece of legislation is that addition of the Canadian Employees Benefits Smart Plan which has facilitated a much easier insurance process. If you are a small business owner, you might want to think about hiring employee benefit consultants to help you decide if this is something that will be beneficial to your company.

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  • Scarlett Myers
    November 14, 2013 at 2:25 pm |

    i have to say that i really wish that it was a little bit easier to get this kind of additional insurance in the united states because i barely have any covderage through my company and this would be a great option

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