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How to Fix a Wet Cell Phone and Other Smartphone Care and Repair Tips

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Cell phone repair brandon fl

Nearly half of all adults in the U.S. own a smartphone. Smartphones are more than just a way for users to call and text others. They have become an integral part of staying connected to peers, social media, our job, current events, etc. There are also countless apps developed every day that improve and expand smartphone function. With smartphones being so important, you would think users would take better care of them. But, oh boy do they not! Here is some practical cell phone repair and protection advice for even the most klutziest smartphone owners.

  1. Get a Cell Phone Case
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    A protective case will protect your phone from drops and rough impacts. Any expensive smartphone should have a case around it, especially an iPhone. A recent study found that the iPhone is t

The Best Presentations for Your Business

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Custom presentation folders

Branding is one of the most important parts of running a business. It is crucial to get your name out there in a way that sticks with your clients. Every little detail matters when your image is at stake.

One such detail that can make a huge difference is how you organize your files. It can be easy to overlook, but a pocket folder is necessary when maintaining a professional image. The first standard pocket folders were patented on December 21st, 1981 by Lawrence Dworkin. They are typically made out of either a sheet of heavy paper stock or some other kind of thin, stiff material folded into pockets that hold your documents. These come in a variety of styles and serve all kinds of functions.

This simple little touch can

Protecting Your Phone

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Mobile device management

Smart phones have become a major part of our lives. The latest numbers show that over 230 million people in this country alone over the age of 13 use a mobile device. By 2010, sales of tablet computers reached 19.5 million units, and out of 1,000 people surveyed by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, one in five intended to use theirs for business purposes. We use them for everything from checking the weather in the morning to keeping track of our finances. However, like every electronic device, your phone and tablet are susceptible to attacks. When you use one of these for work, you need to take extra care of the information it holds. This is why it is very smart to bring in an outside company that specializes in tablet and iphon

Dental Implants and Dentures

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Tooth implants virginia beach

If you are considering or need dentures Virginia Beach and the surrounding area, there are service providers that can help you take care of your oral health. If you have been injured or are simply losing teeth with aging, properly built and fitted dentures can help your mouth and eating experiences feel better while restoring your smile. Dentures Virginia Beach can be fitted and provided by different Virginia beach dentists who have experience with artificial cosmetic dentistry.

Aside from dentures Virginia Beach, a different kind of cosmetic dentist Virginia Beach can give you permanent replacements for your missing teeth, so that you can avoid the hassles of dentures

Worried About Your Device at Work?

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Desktop management

iPhone management and other device management is becoming increasingly popular in the work force. Bring your own device, or BYOD businesses, are cropping up everywhere, and as such, need protection for the devices used. Currently business mobile users make up more than 30 percent of all mobile service subscribers in the United States.

According to a recent report, 50 percent of companies with BYOD models require employees to cover all technology costs, and employees are by and large compliant. However, this really should not be the case in some situations. Mobile device management should be under control by both the employer and the employee, especially if there is secure information at risk. Some companies need protection, and are unaware of this fact.

In a Consumer Intelligence Research Partners surve

Feel As Good As You Do After A Good Nights Sleep With A One Hour Massage, Yes Its True!

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Reiki healing

Not only is getting a massage relaxing, but it promotes healing, lowers blood pressure, hastens rehabilitation, and is considered a recreational activity. Massage in Libertyville is one place you can search for a message therapist.

A body rub, or massage, is sought out by both men and women. In 2011, 13 percent of men and 24 percent of women reported getting a body rub within the past twelve months. Massages are good for your health. According to study results by the University of Maryland Medical Center, those who got a deep tissue massage saw systolic pressure drop an average of 10.4 mm Hg, and diastolic pressure drop an average of 5.3mm Hg. A deep tissue massage focuses on muscles below the top layer