How to Fix a Wet Cell Phone and Other Smartphone Care and Repair Tips

Written by News Channel 2 on August 6, 2013. Posted in Broken screen, Cellular phone repair, Ipad repair

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Nearly half of all adults in the U.S. own a smartphone. Smartphones are more than just a way for users to call and text others. They have become an integral part of staying connected to peers, social media, our job, current events, etc. There are also countless apps developed every day that improve and expand smartphone function. With smartphones being so important, you would think users would take better care of them. But, oh boy do they not! Here is some practical cell phone repair and protection advice for even the most klutziest smartphone owners.

  1. Get a Cell Phone Case
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    A protective case will protect your phone from drops and rough impacts. Any expensive smartphone should have a case around it, especially an iPhone. A recent study found that the iPhone is the most vulnerable brand of smartphone to being shattered or getting a broken screen from impacts. Getting a case protects your investment. Going without one is like riding a bike without a helmet.

  3. Keep the Phone in Your Pocket
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    Six percent of iPhone users have at some point put their phone on top of their car and drove away without realizing it. Countless smartphones are left in taxis, buses, restaurant tables, restrooms, you name it. They are also being ruined while sitting around at home, with 18% of all iPhone accidents occurring in the living room. If you are not using the phone, keep it safe in your pocket or purse. The best way to stop yourself from misplacing a phone is to only take it out when necessary.

  5. How to Fix a Wet Cell Phone
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    It is a nightmare of every phone owner. Your expensive smartphone has just taken a bath in water or soda, the second most common liquid spilled on a phone. There are plenty of different opinions on how to fix a water damaged phone. Some work, some are just myths. They key for how to fix a wet cell phone is to act quickly. Most carriers do not refund water damaged phones, so this is going to be a DIY moment. Immediately remove the phone. Dry out the phone and battery overnight in a bowl of uncooked rice or silica gel packets to absorb moisture. DO NOT use a hair dryer, microwave or any type of heat. EVER. That is not how to fix a wet cell phone, but how to melt and ruin components.

  7. Cell Phone Repair Shops
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    Sometimes you get into a situation where you cannot quickly repair a phone yourself and need that smartphone function again quickly. Specialty cell phone repair shops are a great option for serious damage. Sending the phone to your cell carrier may result in you getting charged for a new phone, as they often do not even try to make repairs. Repair shops take the time and care with each phone and can make repairs to even devices in the worst conceivable shape.

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