Use iPhone Management to Keep Your Data Safe

Written by News Channel 2 on August 9, 2013. Posted in Byod, Byod education, Pc audit software

Ipad management

iPhone management and mobile device management is becoming increasingly important in the workplace. This is because the growth of the use mobile devices is ever increasing. Studies indicate that more than 230 million people over the age of 13 in the United States uses a mobile device. ABI Research says that approximately 1 billion smart phones will enter the market during the next five years. Because of these numbers, many businesses employ a BYOD or bring your own device policy in their workplaces. At the present time, business mobile users comprise more than 30 percent of all mobile service subscribers in the United States.

Device management and iPhone management is important because of this high level of usage of mobile computing devices. One in five people say that they will use the iPad for business purposes. This is according to a Consumer Intelligence Research Partners survey of more than 1,000 consumers. iphone management, as well as management of tablets and iPads is important to the security of any business with a BYOD policy.

Mobile device management and iPhone management allows the IT department of companies to create security and update programs for these devices. Using DMI or Desktop management Interface, which is an industry framework for managing both hardware and software components in a BYOD model, allows IT departments to provide security and management processes to the workforce using mobile devices. For instance, should a phone or tablet become lost or stolen, these management programs and iPhone management processes will allow the phone to be tracked or erased. This is especially important for any device that contains sensitive company data or communications. These iPhone management systems can also keep a current inventory listing of mobile devices in use. These devices can also be patched and updated on a regular basis. This will provide iPhone security and prevent problems with malware and viruses that could infect these devices.

As an IT professional at a company that uses BYOD, you will want to implement an iPhone management system, as well as other mobile device management process in order to provide security to your company.

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