The Importance of Corporate Law Attorneys

Written by News Channel 2 on August 4, 2013. Posted in Best divorce lawyers in miami, Commercial litigation lawyer, Divorce lawyers in miami

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The role of a corporate law attorney is to ensure the legality of commercial transactions, advising corporations on their legal rights and duties, as well as advising corporate officers. Any corporate sized business needs a trusted attorney on their side at all times. Corporate law attorneys must have extensive knowledge of anything that a corporation may encounter including but not limited to tax law, contract law, accounting, securities law, bankruptcy, licensing, intellectual property rights, zoning laws as well as any laws specific to the business of the corporation they work for.

Corporate law services are often much less adversarial than trial law. Lawyers often find themselves facilitators of a deal or resolution than opponents in a court case. Transactions and business takes place amongst peers and there are usually not any wronged parties. It is the duty of a corporate law attorney to draft any documents, review agreements and negotiate deals between corporate executives to ensure all transactions are legal and binding.

Corporate law is not to be confused with commercial law, also known as business law. Rather it is just a portion of the wide encompassing business law. Commercial law lawyers are attorneys deal with the rights, relations and conducts of parties engaged in any type of commerce, merchandising, trade and sales. Small business attorneys, while handling these general requirements of commercial law, my also be tasked with the additional duties of handling wills, divorce settlements and real estate transactions of the executives of the businesses they represent. Any business, no matter the size, should hire some type of commercial law attorney to guarantee all transactions and dealings are legal, binding and handled with the greatest possible expertise and care. See this link for more.

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