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Written by News Channel 2 on November 1, 2013. Posted in Buy a business in florida, Buying businesses

Buy a business in florida

Are you a looking to expand your portfolio with an entrepreneurial move like purchasing a business? Taking on business investment opportunities can be a great way to establish a new source of profits. If you are considering this as a viable opportunity then you probably know there is a certain amount of risk involved. Managing risk is the key to any great business investment. You might be thinking about all aspects of the purchase, ranging from leases to assets and accounts receivable as serious obstacles to success. Without a doubt there is a lot to consider when purchasing a business. And from this dilemma has sprung the industry of a business broker. But as you wonder, what is a business broker, do not fear. They are not out to impeded your ability to profit from buying or selling a business.

You may believe that buying a business in a state like Florida would be hard. In fact, finding a small business for sale in Florida does not need to be hard.

Before we get into the basics of identifying, what is a business broker, we need to work out some of the best practices for buying a business. So here are some more things to consider as you look into the possibility of buying your next money maker.

Small businesses generate 60% to 80% of all United States business opportunity. So making a profitable purchase is doable.

First here are some notes on what to look for when buying a business. Think assets and taxes. You want to buy something that will generate money not eat up yours. So if at all possible buy assets instead of stock. Then think about the costs of owning those assets including human capital and things like payroll taxes. Know who handles the accounts, especially accounts receivable. Be certain on the status of the lease of your business. If you can save money by extending a lease then this is worth serious consideration. One answer to, what is a business broker, is someone who can help you think about these aspects of the purchase.

Another answer to, what is a business broker, is someone who can close. Only 50% of negotiations to purchase a business end with an actual sale. Using a business broker can help put the odds in your favor, buy clearing away the obstacles to communication between you and your potential seller.

Once you do make that purchase, be certain that your broker draws paperwork much the same as the purchase of property. This paper work will solidify the

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