How Moving PODS can Reduce Stress

Written by News Channel 2 on April 26, 2013. Posted in Moving companies, Moving services, Moving tips

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Did you know almost 7 million households in the United States moved during 2010? That is a lot of people moving but almost 40 percent of Americans have never moved out of the town they were born in, according to the Pew Research Center. If you are planning on a move in the near future, make enough time to check out your options that will simplify the process on moving day. For example, if you check out the benefits that moving PODs provide, you may not want to lease a moving truck or van. PODs are easier and safer to load and unload than moving trucks and vans.

Before you hire any moving company, make a checklist of all the items that you plan to have shipped to your next location. A checklist is crucial for a moving company to provide accurate quotes on services. Gaining several quotes from companies providing Pods moving containers will help you determine who is offering affordable services. Moving companies deliver PODs storage containers, which simplifies the process of a move and reduces stress. There is no need to deal with picking up a moving truck or van, filling it up with gas, and driving home.

Pack a survival box and a box of essential items that have sentimental value. You do not want your valuables lost or damaged during a move. The good news is moving companies do offer insurance coverage for your possessions. While scheduling a date for your move, be sure to schedule a turn off date for power, water and other utilities. You will also need to schedule a date to have power, water and utilities turned on at your new residence. If you plan on a military move, PODS can provide you convenient options that moving trucks and vans do not.
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