How Can You Avoid Injuries At Work?

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Work injury

Did you know that, according to the National Safety Council (NSC), 3 million workers sustain injuries on the job during an average year? Occupational injuries can leave employees physically incapable of work. Lost wages, coupled with steep medical bills and expenses, can completely devastate workers’ finances, savings, and sustainable livelihood. How can you avoid workplace accidents, and what should you do if you are hurt at work?

Avoid Occupational Injuries

There is a huge misconception, largely perpetuated by television and word of mouth, that workers’ compensation is actually profitable. In reality, employees typically receive only 50% to 70% of regular wages while out of work and collecting workers’ comp. The ideal solution, then, is to avoid getting hurt on the job. How can employees avoid occupational accidents and injury?

In 2012, 177,580 employees suffered from work-related back injuries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Mayo Clinic, moreover, reveals that the majority of back injuries result from excessive force, repetitive motions, and improper posture. Avoid back injuries on the job by practicing safe lifting, maintaining a regular exercise routine, and working variety into your job routine. The Department of Health and Human services reveals that exercising regularly and staying at a healthy weight reduces stress on back muscles. Ease pressure on your back by using lifting devices, such as fork lifts, whenever possible. If you need to move things manually, make sure you lift from your knees to reduce the likelihood of strain and injury.

What happens if I get hurt at work?

Sometimes accidents are unavoidable. Follow these steps for fair workers’ compensation:

  • Report accidents immediately. Timeliness is a virtue, especially when it comes to filing workers’ compensation claims. Getting hurt at work is serious. Document all injuries, including minor ones. (Minor injuries have an unfortunately tendency to turn into major injuries.
  • Talk to a lawyer. Workers compensation can get complicated. Getting fair compensation, and maintaining a strong, professional relationship with your employer may require some legal advice.

Living on workers’ compensation is not fun. First and foremost, do everything you can to avoid getting hurt at work. Failing that, talk to a lawyer and report injuries promptly to ensure reasonable compensation.

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