Popular Options for Team Building Excursions

Written by News Channel 2 on June 14th, 2013. Posted in Corporate entertainment, Team building events

Corporate fun days

Did you know that team building is part of organization development theory and practice? It can be applied to not only businesses, but also school groups, sports teams, and other groups where group cohesion and unity is important. Team building can refer to a number of different activities, and most focus on the concept of building group morale while encouraging employees to work together and communicate effectively.

This helps companies out in several ways. It encourages employee retention when employees feel like the workplace is not just a job, but a family. In this way, job loyalty creates better workers when people feel like their second family relies on them to excel and succeed at the tasks given to them. It can also lead to a less stressful and more productive workplace since employees understand better how to talk and work with one another.

There are many team building events you can arrange for your businesses. The two main types are indoor team building events, and outdoor team building events. Indoor team building tends to be more mentally challenging activities, such as solving puzzles or participating in fake game shows. Outdoor activities tend to be more active, such as clay pigeon shooting, paintballing, rock climbing, fishing, and other various exercises.

For companies that really want to emphasize the community and family aspect of the business, family fun days can be a great option. These are often easy to set up, as they mostly rely on just allowing employees to relax and interact with each other and their families. Renting a few carnival crafts, games or food carts can help set the atmosphere, and arrange for basic catering outdoors, and you have a fun, affordable event that everyone will enjoy.

Besides indoor and outdoor, there is also a difference between daytime and evening entertainment. The above were largely examples of daytime events. Evening entertainment is also an option for companies that want to encourage social bonding. This is a good way to allow employees to let loose a little bit and allow that creativity to carry over into their workday. Popular evening entertainment options include going to casinos or bars together. Renting rooms for parties can also be a successful option. If you do chose evening entertainment, make sure you are adequately prepared to take care of your staff during this time.