Find the Best Health Insurance Benefits For Your Employees

Written by News Channel 2 on December 24th, 2013. Posted in Benefits plan, Small business health benefits, Strategic employee benefit services

Benefit plans

Living in Canada has more benefits than simply staying out of global political battles. The healthcare afforded to its citizens is also a major perk. Unlike countries like the United States, Canada offers a publicly subsidized healthcare plan. Guided by the 1984 Canada Health Act provisions, the heath care system in Canada provides coverage for routine doctor visits, some medical procedures, and even finances prescription medication for the elderly and indigenous. Even though the publicly funded health care system has its advantages, many Canadians purchase additional insurance through their employers for extended coverage.

Because a large number of Canadians invest in employee benefits packages, about half of small businesses, who make up about 98 percent of all companies in Canada, work on finding the best i