Why renting obuying a photo booth in SoCal may be the best investment you’ve never made

Written by News Channel 2 on May 4th, 2013. Posted in Orange county photo booth rental, Photo booth rentals orange county, Rent a photo booth

San diego photo booth rental

Photography has come a long way since in the last 100 or so years. In 1925 the first photo booth was showcased on Broadway. George Eastman of Kodak then invented roll film, which spurred the developmental of small, affordable cameras for middle class families. Photography has become a lot more accessible since the old days, and if you’re throwing an event or want to dabble in the black market around the OC, a photo booth rental may be the most memorable investment you’ve never made. Here three reasons why:

1. They make you look rich

A photo booth rental for weddings are a great way to remind everyone that you invited how much you spent on them. Most people automatically assume that having one coupled with a beach wedding is a sign of great prosperity. But in reality, they are nowhere near as expensive as the 2.8 million dollar Leica sold in Vienna or the very first digital camera, which cost 10,000. And the no one has to know the beach was public access.

2. Become a felon

A San Diego photo booth rental is a great way to start your fake ID and green card business. Passport photos are essential for this kind of work, and a photo booth does this kind of thing instantly. With a large population of both immigrants and college kids, there is a really lucrative market for this. If you don’t want the owner of the machine to come poking around your illegal document enterprise and discovering your grow op, you can always buy a photo booth.

3. Kids and drunks love them

If your not getting married and your not inclined to do time in a federal prison, then rent one for the next bar mitzvah or tailgate party. Most photo booth rental companies offer a box of silly hats that are a complete hit with everyone under the age of 16 or that is completely blasted. In contrast to digital cameras, where only 2 out of 10 images are printed, you WILL have any taken by a photo booth. All over Orange County photo booth rentals have become a popular way to remember how drunk you were at the office party.