Buy a Pottery Wheel and Make Your Own Masterpiece

Written by News Channel 2 on December 13th, 2013. Posted in Olympic kilns, Potters wheels, Pottery wheel for sale

Landl kilns

Pottery is as ancient as pre-literate cultures. Prehistoric people used pottery to cook, preserve, and eat their food, as well as brew drinks and soups. While the uses of pottery have changed over the years, many cultures still utilize it for the same purposes today. This is not always because they do not have access to other kitchenware, but rather because it is engrained in the fiber of their civilization’s way of life.

But a large number of people buy pottery, or invest in pottery making, for aesthetic purposes. In a home, mantles and shelves often hold chalices and pots from vintage or artsy stores, and have a story about their origin. The material used to make the item and its design usually point to a geographical area of the world, and can tell historians much about the time period it was made in. For exa