The Keys to Writing a Successful Blog

Written by News Channel 2 on September 7th, 2013. Posted in Blogging, Online article, Online news

Bloggers are everywhere these days. Everybody and their cat has a blog, or had a blog at some point. While many people are turning to microblogging sites such as Tumblr and Twitter for their news, the good ol’ traditional weblog is still alive and well. There are still a large amount of people today that wonder how they can start their own blog. Whether they have a passion for a certain topic, or just a passion for writing, there are plenty of people out there who still want to blog. Here are a few tips on starting your own blog.

If you decide to start a blog, you need to find a niche. There are way too many already established blogs that write news articles on various broadly defined topics. If you decide to blog about a very general category such as “technology news” or “sports news” you will find yourself having to compete with the bigger, more well-establshed websites out there. No intrepid sports blogger wants to go up