Siemens Bus Plug

Written by News Channel 2 on April 21st, 2013. Posted in Electrical switchboards, Medium voltage switchgear, Non segregated phase bus

Non segregated phase bus

If your company is interested in designing a hybrid bus, like a non segregated phase bus, or your municipality is considering a hybrid bus system, a Siemens bus plug may be the right tool to help build the system that connects your new hybrid buses with the power grid. A bus plug is part of the system that transforms high voltage energy from the power grid to useable electricity that can charge and operate a hybrid vehicle.

To transfer power from the grid to an end use, first a distribution substation takes power from the main grid for more local use, transforming the electricity from high to low voltage, or performing other functions depending on the need. The word “substation” actually predates the modern power grid. Within this apparatus, electrical switchboards distribute electricity through various subsystems, and finally to system loads, like a charging bus. Meanwhile, medium voltage switchgears keep the system stable, isolating different components of the system as needed. The modern swtichgear was actually developed in the early twentieth century, and used oil circuit breakers and switches in a metal structure to perform its circuit isolating functions.

The Siemens bus plug is what articulates a hybrid bus with this intricate system of power distribution and control, allowing it to take energy from the grid. The Siemens bus plug, along with the aforementioned apparati, transfer electricity from the grid to the bus’s batteries and circuitry without frying them, allowing the vehicle to charge and operate smoothly.