Turning the Tide on Mental Health

Written by News Channel 2 on May 14th, 2013. Posted in Maryland psychologist, Psychologist in maryland, Psychologist washington dc

Psychologist washington dc

Washington DC psychologists can attest to the fact that approximately 6 percent of all Americans suffer from a debilitating mental illness. That is 1 in 17 people, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. And it represents a trend that is not going away. Washington DC psychologists provide the support and facilitation to help those experiencing mental issues.

Whether it is you, your family, or a friend that could use the support from a Maryland psychologist they use psychotherapy and psychological treatment to help with grief from the death of a loved one, ongoing stressors in day to day life, substance abuse or other factors. No matter how insignificant these issues may seem to us with the passing of time and maturity, they affect everyone differently. And sadly, some of our loved ones may feel that they just will not ever feel right due to ongoing mental illness.

Do you feel an overwhelming or prolonged sense of helplessness? Perhaps a loved one is also worried about you and your mental health. You may be a candidate for consultation with Washington DC psychologists or a psychologist in Maryland.

Parents need to realize the fact, and Washington DC psychologists can attest to this, that children and young adults have different symptoms for depression than you would find in adults. Take the time to seek out a psychologist in maryland or a psychologist Washington DC. Any child that is depressed is one too many and sometimes their sadness just will not improve without intervention from a professional.

A recent Austrialian study confirms that 1 in 12 teenagers may result in cutting themselves or some other form of self harming as part of their experience with depression and mental illness. Washington dc psychologists have seen people across a wide spectrum and can provide insight as you look to improve the mental health of both yourself, your family and friends.