Do Not Become a Victim of Insurance Fraud!

Written by News Channel 2 on July 29th, 2013. Posted in Elephant insurance claims, Fraudulent insurance claims

Funny insurance claims

False insurance claims can happen to anybody. Visiting Funny Insurance Claims is an eye opening experience as you can see just how many people have to deal with criminals attempting to scam the insurance system. False insurance claims run the gamut from auto insurance fraud to medical. Keeping these three facts in mind can help you protect yourself and to improve the situation for others.

1. It is Not Just You

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, elephant insurance claims account for 40 billion dollars of ill gotten gains yearly. That does not even include health insurance fraud! Popular forms of fraudulent insurance claims are those following natural disasters. The FBI points out that followin

There Are Plenty of Funny Insurance Claims Out There, But Insurance Fraud Is No Laughing Matter

Written by News Channel 2 on July 26th, 2013. Posted in Elephant insurance claims, Fraudulent insurance claims

False insurance claims

Insurance claims can be serious matters that save you money and grief. Insurance is there to provide you legal and financial protection during a time when you would not be able to handle the burden alone. As such, filing fraudulent insurance claims is a breach of trust that cannot go without severe punishment. False insurance claims carry heavy penalties that could result in felony status, serious fines, and even jail time of up to several years.

As much as people should be respecting insurance, there are times when the insured try to pull the wool over the eyes of the insurance companies, and make claims that do not put them at fault, even though they most certainly are. Such funny insurance claims can be found collected all over the internet. Most are just terrible attempts at excuses, to make it sou