Do You Want to Review Dentist Visits?

Written by News Channel 2 on September 10th, 2013. Posted in Dentist office reviews, Dentist review, Review dentist

Your mouth is sore. Your tongue is dry. You have a hard time chewing.

These painful remnants can only mean that you have just returned home from the dentist. You take to your computer to type up a nasty dentist office review to settle the score. But before you go too far with your revenge, consider these five quick facts to help you when you review dentist visits.

1. What sounds more appealing to you, going grocery shopping or flossing? If you answered like 73 percent of Americans, you would rather head to the supermarket than clean between your teeth with dental floss. More dental work at home means less during a dentist trip, making it easier to review dentist visits without being upset.

2. Imagine finding a fresh twig with frayed fibers at one end and using it to clean your teeth. For the Hindus of India in 4000 BC, that was their toothbrush, and they were some of the first groups of people in history to use one. You have one right in your bathroom, waiting to be used. So before