Foot Hills Homes for Sale by Boise Real Estate Agents

Written by News Channel 2 on June 5th, 2013. Posted in Boise real estate listings, House for sale in boise id

Boise real estate agent

There are so many Boise houses for sale these days, and many of them are beautiful and inexpensive. If you are interested in purchasing Boise real estate, you should definitely check out Boise real estate listings online or in your local paper.

Boise Idaho real estate is some of the nicest real estate in the country. Idaho is a beautiful and tranquil place to live where there are many different types of homes to choose from. In downtown Boise there are numerous examples of Art Deco and Egyptian Revival buildings. Many single family homes are Mission Style, Post Modern or Internationalist in style. Boise real estate is an architecture lovers dream.

There is a great deal of foothills subdivision housing in the Boise real estate market. These houses were built primarily in the 1950s and 60s. Foothills homes are typically single story ranch houses. However, some of the foothills homes being sold by Boise real estate agents are split levels. The living rooms and hearths of foothill homes are located in the center of the house. Most foothills homes have attached garages, providing residents with direct entry once their cars are parked. Boise real estate agents know that the foothills homes were often built upon the sides of steep hills after they had been leveled to create a flat surface to build upon. These houses were actually built directly into the hillsides themselves, and wild vegetation was left to grow just outside the boundaries of the lots.