Are You Missing Out on Internet Marketing?

Written by News Channel 2 on November 18, 2013. Posted in Seo software, Social media marketing package, What is seo

Affiliate internet marketing

There isn’t much room left for debate on this topic, yet any internet marketing agency can attest to having spent collective hours convincing clients that its services are worthwhile. Internet marketing is a fairly diverse undertaking, involving the integration of several tactics to improve an organization’s online presence. These components include:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the process of making on- and off-site changes to improve a site’s search engine ranking. Blogging alone earns companies 55% more web traffic, thanks to search engine optimization. Search engine optimization has been rated by 34% of marketers as the most effective lead generation tactic.
  2. Pay-Per-Click Advertising, a model in which the company placing an ad only pays when the ad is clicked.
  3. Social Media Marketing, the use of social media platforms to interact with leads and customers. Though 90% of all companies do some form of social media marketing, only one in eight measure the revenue impact of social media, and 54% admit they need help improving social media marketing skills.

The benefits of internet marketing are irrefutable. It aligns with the ways consumers make purchasing decisions and allows companies to build relations with customers, clients, and prospects through regular, low-cost, personal communication. Here are six reasons you shouldn’t be neglecting it.

It’s Convenient

With internet marketing, you can stay open for business 24/7 without the hassle of overtime payments or store hours. It’s convenient for customers as well, as they can browse online and place orders at any time.

It Breaks Down Distance Barriers

Distance doesn’t stand in the way of internet marketing. Sell goods anywhere in the country, or even anywhere in the world, without setting up local outlets.

It’s Less Costly

Internet marketing is less costly than physical retail outlet marketing. Without property rental, maintenance costs, or display stock, you can keep inventory and storefront costs low.

It’s Personal

Internet marketing allows you to build a profile of prospects and customers through chronicling of history and preferences. That way, you can make targeted offers reflecting their interests and plan cross-selling campaigns to increase the value of sales per customer.

It Builds Relationships

Having an internet presence puts you in a better position to build relationships with customers, thereby increasing customer retention levels. Begin by sending follow-up emails to customers who have already made purchases to confirm their transactions and thank them. Continue contact with regular, special, personalized offers.

It Puts You In The Loop

By taking advantage of the growth of social media, you’re more likely to grow your online revenue. One study showed that consumers who are heavily influenced by social networks generate increased sales of about five percent.

There’s little to suggest that internet marketing isn’t useful. If you’ve yet to join the movement, think about what you could be missing. There is plenty of business to be gained, so don’t miss out! References:

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