A Better Alternative to Emergency Room Treatment

Written by News Channel 2 on January 8, 2014. Posted in Emergency room phone number, Urgent care burien wa, Walk in clinic lynnwood wa

Joint pain and stiffness

When most people experience an injury or illness that is serious enough to warrant emergency medical care, hospital or medical center emergency rooms are the first place they turn. Although there is nothing fundamentally wrong with seeking immediate medical treatment at an emergency room in a hospital — after all, emergency rooms exist to provide people with emergency medical treatment when needed — there are other types of walk in clinics that might be a better choice.

Obviously, visiting a hospital emergency room is never a pleasant experience, but the length of time spent waiting for treatment, coupled with high costs, makes it even worse. When an injured or ill person seeks treatment at one of their local urgent care facilities, however, they can significantly reduce both the time awaiting treatment and exuberantly high treatment costs.

In addition to long wait times and high costs, a hospital emergency room can be so busy that the screaming and chaos might be worse than the reason a person is seeking treatment. Of course, emergency room “craziness” can be attributed too many patients waiting to be treated by too little staff. But the fact is that nearly a third of all emergency room patients could be treated competently by a nearby urgent care.

When an acutely ill or injured person seeks care at a local urgent care facility they can receive excellent treatment in a fraction of the time that they would wait in an emergency room. Perhaps best of all, the typical urgent care bill is only about $120 dollars, while the average emergency room charges around $1,200 per visit. While urgent care facilities do accept health insurance, their affordability makes them ideal for people who do not have the luxury of being covered by health insurance.

While hospital and medical center emergency rooms can do the job, why wait longer and pay more for the same treatment that you can receive in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost, at a local urgent care center?

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